Hungry Buddha’s Welcome by phoboy99

Happy Buddha

Hello Belly Rubbers,

 As you know I started this to get my friends and family enthusiastic about all the different foods out there. I hope you enjoy my blog since I am passionate and very excited about what I eat and where I eat. I hope my experience transends all appetites and at least give you an idea of my personal taste and as well as getting your Buddha Bellys great cravings to try out !! Enjoy and please let me know what you had to eat, feel, and overall experience.

 Now you all have seen in most asian restaurants the Happy Buddha statue or figurine that stands by the cash register or near the door way. I believe that if you rub the Happy Buddha statue’s belly it makes him and you happier. When I see one of these funny statues I make it a point to rub it for luck! With that being said I would like to quanitfy my overall experience on a scale of 0 to 5 rubs of the belly with 5 belly rubs considered the “best” or “happiest”.

 Hope you all enjoy what the Hungry Buddha Belly has to offer.


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Comment by phoboy99

This is unbelivable!!! I am so in love with this idea! If anyone can suggest good food IT IS Tony Ngyuen. I speak on personal experience he single handly knocked my #1 restaurant out of the water when he took my family and I to House of Soup. Keep it up!

Comment by Maria M. Arnold

Great job Tony! You finally followed through with your plans. I hope you plan on blogging on more than Asian cuisine, not that there is anything wrong with that.I look forward to your next blog.
I would love hear your thoughts on Portillos.
one of your boyz,

Comment by Marvin Ambata

Dude… Mmmmmm… ummm, how bout’ you get your ‘phoboy’ ass down here and take me out to lunch. Trust me, we’ll go out to a really expensive lunch so you can write about all the SD delicacies in your next post.

Comment by Tom Farlin

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