Rodrigo’s Lunch by phoboy99
September 19, 2007, 5:37 pm
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Chips and Dips FRESCA

So I had lunch with “my Boyz”  at this new place that just opened up in HB called Rodrigo’s Mexican Food. It’s a very nice restaurant, very chic and a great competitor for El Torito which was literally across the street from them. Rodregos used to be the same building as Don Jose but definitely very updated and everything is brand new. I know this is not the first “Asian”  experience that the Hungry Buddha  Belly should report about but it is the first of many blogs in the future. I was excited about starting, so forgive me.  

We were the first people in when they opened the doors at 11am and I was very impressed the the enctrance, decor and hostess. HOWEVER one of my “pet peeves” as my friends know is where I was seated. When my boyz and I were eating at another establishment called DON RAMONES we get the same issue everytime. As expected if you are the FIRST customers to come in a restaurant you should be seated at the BEST Table in the whold place. Instead we were seated by the entrance in a corner booth sort of cramp and dark. I would of preferred to be seated in a big booth near a well lit window to see my food and menu.

 The service  does make up for any short cummings though.  The waiters, bust boys, water refiller guy, was very attentive and ON IT! Traditionally I can make a pretty good decesion about food in a Mexican restaurant by the chips and salsa and the taste of the chicken taco. So I got a Tacos de Pollo and my friend got a chimichanga. The chips were excellent, very flaky and crispy and not heavy. THe salsa was about average but seems to be very fresh, it could of used just a little more heat in the spice area. We also ordered the fresh made Guacomole and that was good and well presented in a bowl with lettuce accents.

 We got our food and the Chimichanga look great except they loaded up the Sour Cream on the Chimi like it was a giant whip cream on a sundae. I tasted the Chimichunga and it was ok, nothing to be wowed about. The chicken tacos was uneventful petty basic. Now we did ask our hostess what was the best think that she thought Rodrego’s has to offer and she reccommended the appetizer tacos and the fajitas. Unfortunately this was lunch and I think I would give another chance for Rodrego’s to change my mind about the food maybe during dinner one day and a taste of the Fajitas.

 Overall, I would give Rodrigo’s 2 BELLY RUBS. The service was exceptional and the ambiance is great and hip but the food that I tasted needs improvements in the more “authentico” area. I would say this place is at par with El Torito. As I mentioned I think I would give myself a dinner moment to re-evaluate my opinon.


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