El Taco Lucas- Muy Deliciosos by phoboy99
September 21, 2007, 2:16 pm
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Hola Hungry Buddha Bellies,

I recently had a very “deliciosos” lunch at my favorite Mexican hole in the wall near my work in Corona, CA. i discovered this place one day when I was hanging out with the local workers in the wharehouse and asked them where do they go for a great, cheap, and fast place to get lunch? I emphasized on CHEAP and GREAT. They reccomended me to EL TACO LUCAS off of Lincoln Street exit in Corona. It is a small family run business a “hole in the wall” establishment which always mean very authentic and tasty.

I have had lots of items here in the past with so many lunches here from tacos, burritos, tortas, and Shrimp Diavolos, All MUY BUENO (very good). Today I had their chorizo tortas and an Al Pastor soft taco.  I know I had the cravings of Jamon (pork) today and I thought the smokey, salty, greasy meat would do its job. If you have not had a torta before it is  a fluffy soft sandwich with lightly grilled buns and stacked with items  made fresh with a mixture of  lettuce, tomatos, onions and cilantro topped with a red smokey chipotle salsa. YUMMY!!!. To add to the spicy flavors I love their grilled seasoned jalapeno peppers. I can only eat the outside skin, avoiding the seeds, which at first bite is sweet but then you get a hint of salt from the charred outside skin, and then after 10 seconds you feel the HEAT, Caliente to say the least!!! My little Buddha Head was totally beadding up with sweat and I was feeling pretty good and pumped. All That for 7 bucks including a drink, not bad, si?

To quench my thirst I had their homemade Jaimaica (hibiscus flavored) drink. Tasted very refreshing and flowery frangrace that compliments the spice. Finally as an idulgence I went around the corner to the Mexican market CARDENAS and got myself a special treat to cool off my spice. I got myself one of the best things I discovered this summer which was mexican coconut popscicles. I first discovered this sinful treat at a friends birthday party where they had rented an icecream man truck to stop by and give all of the kids their choices of treats. My “Latin Flavor” friends suggested to try this “Healdos Mexico premium all anatural ice cream” popscile and with one bite I know if just found bliss.  Look here senor and senoritas, the popsicle is like a creamy milky ice with slivers of real coconut that reminds you that it is all natural. Took me back as if I was on the beach in Los Cabos enjoying the warm tropics. 

I would like to give El Tacos Lucas 4 RUBS of the belly for “deliciosos” fast mexican food. Try it out if you are in the Corona area. If it is good for the locals it’s good for me. Enjoy!


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My buddy put me on to these popsicles here i Tucson, AZ.

I keep telling people about them and so I googled it and this blog came up. Good job on the posts. I am a huge fan of food.

Comment by Ominous Red

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